the construction

Planned and designed taking into account environmental concerns, halffloors is a unfamiliar house with Class A + energy certification.


Energy certification of a house is not a simplistic way, only the calculation of costs, and there are a number of coefficients, architecture and engineering, who enter in accounts, as well as the technical specifications of each product. The project was developed through a plethora of equations, including the use of thermal bricks and acoustic insulation from the outside (ETICS) coated with microcement, the interior sound insulation (extruded polystyrene foam and agglomerated polyurethane foam), the choice the frames and glass optimizing their behavior and their value, solar panels, which were chosen with regard to its area and its profitability, the cooling of the housing was another of the key points, ensuring a system inverter air conditioners, expensive but effective system that works by ducts, which aims to achieve a reduction in energy consumption that the system spends, spending about 30% less than a normal air conditioning. Use of blackouts in order to control the external lighting inside the environment and heat input.


- Use of Thermal and Acoustic Brick from Preceram - due to the requirement of an environment with thermal and acoustic conditions stable and controlled.

- System for Extermal Exterior Insulation – ETICS - External Thermal Insulation Composite System coated with microcement.

- System Extruded Polystyrene Insulation XPS – EN13164 – T1 – CS (10/Y) 200 of 40 mm on the walls.

- Sound insulation between floors made ​​of agglomerated polyurethane foam density 60 Kg FR (fireproof) de 30 mm

- Structural Frame with excellent heat transfer coefficient colorless double glazed tempered to a greater thermal and acoustic insulation allowing more natural light.

- Solar panels on the roof for water heating with forced circulation system.

- Inverter air conditioners which aim to permit a reduction in energy consumption that the system spends. This saving is achieved through the compressor; it has an ability to vary the level of operation in function of the space that is being  air-conditioned needs.  In short, reverse air conditioner has the ability to adapt to higher or lower temperature requirements and takes necessary for its operation.

- Electric interior black-out blinds for better thermal management.

- BASF Mastertop Polyurethane floor

- Carpentry lacquered in white.

- Toilets from roca and faucets from Noken.

- Cabinets, wash basins, shower trays and bathtub made in Corian ®

- Warendof kitchen | miele appliances.

- Chairs model Chair one MAGIS.

- Sidewalk on cobblestone. A cultural heritage were are used irregularly shaped stones, usually limestone and basalt. Traditional colors are black and white, enjoying the contrast of colors, shapes or decorative patterns with pictures, drawings or geometric patterns.



the house




the construction












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